Mata² Alun²

2019 | plastic chairs, sunshade, postcards, T-shirts, instagram posts

Mata² Alun²
(pronounce Mata-Mata Alun-Alun) is based on the realm of observing. When moving in public space we observe and are being observed at the same time. During the first weeks in Jogja I felt a strong intensity of being watched. Mata² Alun² is my reaction to that. Instead of trying to avoid such situations and feeling uncomfortable about it, Mata² Alun² provokes them and additionally offers the opportunity for dialogue. T-shirts and postcards in bahasa indonesia function as a trigger for discussion, the selfies continue the communication online. The intervention took place in public space in different locations in and around Yogyakarta.

location 1: Alun-Alun (southern square)
location 2: 0km (city center)
location 3: Alun-Alun (southern square)
location 4: Pasty (animal and plants market)
location 5: candi Sambisari (temple)
location 6: candi Prambanan (temple)