Mata² Alun²

Mata² Alun² | 2019 | plastic chairs, sunshade, postcards, T-shirts, instagram posts

Mata² Alun²
(pronounce Mata-Mata Alun-Alun) is based on the idea of observation. When moving in public space we observe and are being observed at the same time. Nevertheless, during the first weeks in Jogja the intensity of being observed was quite startling and strange for me as I found myself in the situation of being asked for selfies many times a day. Mata² Alun² is my reaction to that. Instead of trying to avoid such situations, Mata² Alun² provokes them and additionally offers the opportunity for dialogue. T-shirts and postcards in bahasa indonesia function as a trigger for discussion, the selfies will continue the communication online. The intervention took place in public space in different locations in and around Yogyakarta.

location 1: Alun-Alun (southern square)
location 2: 0km (city center)
location 3: Alun-Alun (southern square)
location 4: Pasty (animal and plants market)
location 5: candi Sambisari (temple)
location 6: candi Prambanan (temple)