About Incidents of Life and Declarations Originating from Free Will
(Sometimes Called Biography)

It still matters when, where, as what and in which surrounding on this planet it happens to us to be born.
Fight discrimination, exclusivity, exploitation and colonisation processes of all kind.
Respect. Get informed and try to understand the intertwined relations of life. Face the unprecedented.

It happened to me that I was born as human being in late November 1986, on the western side of the Iron Curtain in a small town which was the first place behind the border where it was possible for my Silesian-Czech family to find refuge after migrating during the horrors of WW2. A place where I learned riding bike on a dead-end highway, cut-off by a wall, separating East from West. A place to which clouds brought sour rain in spring 1986 after reactor 4 exploded in Chernobyl, contaminating nature up until the present day. I’m convinced this accident is also the reason why me and my childhood-friend who was my neighbour and born one day after me, only have three instead of four lower incisors which appear to be identical on X-ray-images.
One day I will do an artwork about that.

I graduated from artschool in 2014. In 2015 I received a letter of invitation for a residency in Paris, but somehow I missed the detail that the residency will start 18 months later. When finding out about this, I had already quit my job, ended my relationship and left my flat. This was the turning point in my life when I decided to not spend any more money I earn from a shitty paid job into a way-too-high rent for a room in a shared-flat I’m rarely in. It’s much more sustainable to contribute to a network of friends, family and my car. I started living as a nomad and until now pro-ject my life within the visual range of a throw.
I always bring beer.

Theory and Practice

My intersectional research migrates between socio-political, architectonic and philosophical concerns of the infrastructures we inhabit and shape as human beings. My thinking includes educational, methodological and formal aspects of multilateral interaction. Every action takes place embedded in a wider context of reciprocal processes and systems, originating and reaching farther beyond human fictions. The decision for action or no action influences the instant Future, becoming Present in every moment and thus determines future in the long run. All these traces or non-traces are narrated time and become what we call History. History includes Story, which saves space for interpretation, for imagination, for finding your personal meaning.
In my ephemeral, experimental interventions I try to extrapolate these in-between-spaces, shaped by notions of Time, Distance, Void, Presence and Absence and their mutually dependency with Mobility, Site-specificity, Placelessness and Connectivity.

The occurring shift from Heterotopia to Hypertopia by ever-faster growing technological possibilities and digital contingencies has strong influences on societies, our perceptions and the multidimensional intertwined relations on and to this planet: suddenly our intimate traces and histories which have the right to be forgotten sooner or later are declared as public commodity which will be tracked, recorded, the information extracted from them sold and never be forgotten but utilized to predict, shape and influence further conduct.

My recent projects focus on these contradictions fueled by egocentric inconsistencies of human gaze when dealing with humankind’s greatest – or worst – fiction Internet as virtual habitat, the dependency from it, its implications and future progression, searching for alternative digital strategies to escape imposed colonial structures.
Right now it is time for us to figure out how to proceed, which path to pave into a digitized future: one that is utterly responsible, fair, inclusive and accessible in any regard or one that continues to support the unsolicited, non-transparent exploitative structures of rising surveillance capitalism pushing forward the separation and exclusivity of knowledge and thus enables and encourages the imposing of further manipulation mechanisms, which try to take away our common right to shape our independent future. This individual process gets lost when the space for interpretation, to grow a secluded story gets intruded by companies whose goal it is to know us inside out and better than ourselves to sell the prediction for what we will come up with in the next glimpse of an eye. Our very own private story-spaces for contemplation and developing, from architectural retreats to the deepest cerebral convolutions, need to be protected from getting occupied and colonised for the companies’ purposes.

write to mail at sophie innmann dot com