artist statement
In his actor-network theory, Bruno Latour tries to describe the connections between objects, technologies and human agents and thus to explain the social order of networks. So right now you are forming a network with the device on which you are reading this text, the chair on which you have taken a seat for this, and finally also with me, who wrote this text. Such networks form our world, from micro to macro levels.
My artistic practice, my thinking, my actions are based on this philosophy.
In my work I investigate the connections and interactions between human activity and the surrounding structures in which our actions are embedded. In this process, the factors of time (duration), space (place) and environment (human and non-human) act as independent agents and are thus responsible for a significant part of the appearance of the works.



you can order a copy of my catalogue SHORTCUT TO THE HIGHWAY, edited by Manuel van der Veen and published by modo Verlag Freiburg. Just send me an email.

mail at sophie innmann dot com