artist statement
In his actor-network theory, Bruno Latour tries to describe the connections between objects, technologies and human agents and thus to explain the social order of networks. So right now you are forming a network with the device on which you are reading this text, the chair on which you have taken a seat for this, and finally also with me, who wrote this text. Such networks form our world, from micro to macro levels.
My artistic practice, my thinking, my actions are based on this philosophy.
In my work I investigate the connections and interactions between human activity and the surrounding structures in which our actions are embedded. In this process, the factors of time (duration), space (place) and environment (human and non-human) act as independent agents and are thus responsible for a significant part of the appearance of the works.

In 2014 I finished my studies in painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe as a master student of Leni Hoffmann. Since 2015 I live and work without a permanent residence. My project-related work stays have taken me to Paris, Barcelona, Minneapolis, Moscow, Yogyakarta, Plovdiv, Elefsina and Berlin, among other places. Following the logic of this lifestyle, I am interested in network structures, archiving of action, states of appearing and disappearing. My work manifests in different media, according the necessity of each work. Since 2019, I have been researching new ways of experiencing contemporary art with my art delivery service „GoArtist“ and trying to initiate a critical discourse on the topic of unreflected digital consumption.
My work has been shown internationally, including the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, the Kunsthalle Basel, the Museum of Modern Art Moscow, and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. In 2020 I received the working scholarship of the Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn.

CV Sophie Innmann (English)
CV Sophie Innmann (Deutsch)

Sophie Innmann Portfolio 2022
Sophie Innmann Portfolio 2021

You can order a printed copy of my catalogue SHORTCUT TO THE HIGHWAY, edited by Dr. Manuel van der Veen and published by modo Verlag Freiburg. It gives you an overview of my work from 2009 until 2019 on 144 pages and includes texts about my work from Anna Maria Katz and Dr. Manuel van der Veen. The costs are 24€ + shipping. Just send me an email with your address if you want to order one.

mail at sophie innmann dot com

social media
There are multiple reasons why I don’t like instagram. I have an account there to keep in touch with friends, but I rarely post anything. I instead prefer the decentralized social media mastodon, where you can choose on which server and thus to which terms and conditions you want to open your profile. There are no manipulative algorithms selecting content for you, neither ranking your profile due to (non-)activity. There is no performance pressure caused by numbers of likes and followers. You can publish almost any kind of media files, be it video, image, audio, text or other formats and especially you are not limited in linking other websites.
Another big difference between Mastodon and Instagram is that Mastodon does not collect any user data. The Instagram app, on the other hand, collects the following data that is linked to your identity:
Health & Fitness, Financial Info, Contact Info, User Content, Browsing History, Usage Data, Diagnostics, Purchases, Location, Contacts, Search History, Identifiers, Sensitive Info, Other Data.
It’s up to you whether you want to particpate in this surveillance capitalism!