Aus krummem Holz

2022 | painted objects (water jug, book, harmonica, bench), photographs in 4 different Bammerthüsli | Exhibition view Bammerthüsli Kunst Projekte, Müllheim 2022, Bammerthüsli 5 on the road from Vögisheim to Feldberg from outside. An overview map with a list of all Hüsli can be found here.

Aus krummem Holz relates the narratives of romanticizing the simple life „in the good old days“ on the one hand and technological mania and belief in progress on the other. Both ideologies are extremes in the attempt to secure the survival of mankind. At first sight incompatible with each other, both however look for solutions how living together on earth (or another planet) can be possible on the basis of human basic needs such as dry shelter, safe sleeping place, uncontaminated food, social togetherness and cultural education. Aus krummem Holz avoids a valuation in favor of one or the other narrative line, which diverge further and further in social discourse. Only the title indicates that human (co-)existence can never be perfect, but is a constant trying and approaching.


The Bammerthüsli Art Projects 2022 were an exhibition organized by Kriz Olbricht in and around Müllheim. Starting points are Bammerthüsli, small solitary buildings in the vineyards, in which until the 20th century a Bannwart (Alemannic: Bammert) protected the ripening grapes against birds and mouth robbery. The majority have stood empty for years, forming their own network of coordinates in the agricultural and settled landscape. Text: Kriz Olbricht.