m² to m³ to mˣ

2023 | steel object, sound collages | commissioned for the compensation area of the Städtische Galerie in the Bürgerpark, Kirchheim unter Teck | curated by the art advisory board of the Städtische Galerie im Kornhaus

The Städtische Galerie im Kornhaus Kirchheim unter Teck is closed for renovation work. As a kind of replacement, the artists Dellbrügge & de Moll had a compensation area created that transfers the dimensions of the exhibition space into the public urban space. This area, accessible at all times, consists of rubble from demolished houses.
m² to m³ to mˣ takes the approach of her colleagues further without violating the integrity of the artwork and makes the surface itself the subject: What space of possibility opens up above the compensation surface? What can the imagined space contain? How does one deal with the countless stories that are already contained in the material of the surface?
Based on these questions, different scenarios of these multi-layered possibilities are developed in workshops together with students of class 6b and 8b of Allenschule Kirchheim.