2020/2021 | 20 flags for public space | commissioned for Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg


Flags are the epitome of nationalism and pride. They serve as objects of representation during warlike or sporting conflicts, as symbols of identification and sovereignty of states.
But how can one be proud of something for which one did not have to contribute anything at all? More coincidence than place and time of birth cannot occur to a human existence.

But flags can also be a means of protest against oppression and resistance against political systems.

S*** NATIONS establishes the connection between both connotations, as a reminder to all white* nations for whom the preservation of their privileges is more important than justice. The white flag stands for surrender worldwide and is recognized as a sign of protection under international law. The coloured terms are taken from the advertising slogans of various toilet paper brands, a product used almost exclusively by white* nations. Surprisingly, these advertising terms correlate strongly with structures of exclusion and closure, with characteristics of conservative, national, and reactionary efforts to preserve the wealth of rich nations.


Fotos: Pascale Felber