2021 | 3 different colored throwing areas, one for each glass color, throwing actions of the visitors with self-brought waste glass
cooperation with Nadjana Mohr | suits blueyellowpinkrosa (SMLXL / 4 suits, body sizes 160 cm – 190 cm) / vinyl / plaster / linen / wire | Raum für drastische Maßnahmen Berlin

Photos: Nadjana Mohr, Ana Baumgart


Raum für drastische Maßnahmen means „space for drastic measures“. The question of our relationship to spaces is pressing upon us drastically, intensified by the current situation. A space offers protection, but at the same time it can constrict or seal off. In short, space becomes a source of friction, a literal boundary to which one comes. These boundaries are currently experienced not only physically, but also psychologically: the absence of any physicality in digital space puts our psyche to the test. In favor of the overstraining of the thinking center, the remaining part of our bodies is undergoing a radical withdrawal cure due to the lack of contact with other people and generally limited freedom of movement. The longing for real experiences grows, we want to actively experience reality again, not just be passive observers in front of a screen. Our actions should again show a visible result that is more than just clicking to the next Netflix episode.


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Video and editing Sophie Innmann

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