go hard or go home – a socialist job creation system passed over into neoliberal age

2019/2021 | 600kg sand, 2 shovels, 2 performers, mobile phone | duration: chosen by the performers | Exhibition view HARTE ZEITEN / CIĘŻKIE CZASY, PORT25 Mannheim & Galeria Miejska BWA, Bydgoszcz (PL) 2021

Triggered by an acoustic signal from their mobile phones, two performers start shovelling sand on the pile of the other person. A circular movement evolves. The work is based on the phenomenon of the instrumentalization of labour for propaganda purposes in socialism, among other things, and examines parallel mechanisms that are also used in capitalism: by continuously keeping people busy, they are formally immobilized and deprived of the possibility of making their own responsible decisions.

Performed by Cholud Kassem and Sophie Innmann in 2021, Mathilde Göttel, Pauline Gosselin, Sophie Innmann, Fiona Marten and Daniela Prochaska in 2019.
Photo: Yvonne Vogel