kepala kelapa coconut head

kepala kelapa coconut head | 2019 | iron chain, bamboo culm leaves, branded Wifi codes, coconuts, candles, motorbike helmets, performance, google voices

The performers are Annu Cutter, Daniel da Costa, Wildan, Abiyya Ladangku.

Internet eats our souls.
Internet burns our forests.
Internet keeps us safe from growing up.
Internet makes us happy.
Internet is the best thing in the world.

Our spirits are rising from coconut-heads into the hypertopia Internet, a dissembling friend making us believe it only exists for our benefit, for our entertainment, for our distraction, for our best. We feed it and in return we get abused. We are not consuming Internet, Internet consumes us. Algorithms manipulate our behaviour, preselect for us what we shall see or not see.
Is your acting still determined from an intrinsic motivation or was it implanted by the machine, the algorithm or the company behind it?
Do you rule yourself?

In the following video you see parts of the performance which took place on the opening of our final show after a three month residency in Yogyakarta, hosted by Cemeti-Institue for art and society and Goethe Institute Indonesia.