sama-sama | 2019 | video, fan, banana leaf, wood, metal rod, plastic tape

sama-sama turns nature and artificial material upside down and inside out.
The natural part (banana leaf) is not moved any more by natural wind, but by a fan. The movement of the artificial plastic ribbons is caused by natural wind. Yet the artificially moved leaf is real, and the naturally moved ribbon is not real anymore, but a projection. You have to look down to see the artificial, formerly real sky, you feel the real wind in your face, though it is caused by a machine. You look up and you see the real tree leaf moving in the real artificial wind. You hear the fluttering sound of the plastic ribbon in the strong seaside wind playing from the tv, you hear the sound of the fan and you hear the rustling of the dried fibres from the banana leaf.

This video is a documentation of „sama-sama“ as it was on display in Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The work was shown in the context of our final presentation of our three months residency there. The residency was organized by Goethe Institute Jakarta.