work in progress, since 2019 | the practical part was implemented in__
__Indonesia & Germany, 2019
__Engiadina Bassa (CH) as VisitaDaChasa, 2020
__online world-wide
__Berlin, 2022: https://www.goartist.de/

GoArtist is__
__the title of my long-term conceptual artwork.
__a new profession.
__artists around the world.
__a new method of art experience, universally for everybody around the globe.
__a connection of digital and analogue strategies.
__an App (yet to be build – contact me for collaboration).
__exchange of knowledge, experience and time.
__an intersection between theory and practice.
__a critique of hyper-capitalistic structures.
__a research on socio-political, philosophical, educational and art theoretical ideas.
__a fight against exploitation, dependencies and hierarchies.
__the belief in the power of human activity to bring about good.
__a landscape of care, respect and appreciation.
__a space to meet and discuss.
__a virtual heterotopia.

GoArtist combines digital and analogue strategies for artists to work with, providing a new interactive method of art-experience for the people and the artists themselves. The organization takes place through a GoArtist app which yet needs to be build and by which a network of artists around the world will be formed. These local artists then offer to get in touch with the population on site for the practical part of GoArtist: Individuals can invite GoArtists to their homes where they spend some time together, a kind of home visit with the goal of creative exchange. What this can be like is determined by the process, the situation and the materials found on site. Concepts, relationships and connections of human fictions such as work, non-productive (in the sense of economic surplus) activity, work of art, value and appreciation are put up for discussion and renegotiated in theory and practice on the basis of fairness, communication, understanding, respect and empathy in the context of communal creative activity.

I developed the concept of this interactive intervention in 2019 in Indonesia as a result of questioning working processes in the unprecedented age of digitization and their influence on society. Since then I realized the practical part in various countries and contexts, most recently in the Lower Engadin (CH), under the title VisitaDaChasa, as each variation needs to be adapted to the local conditions and specialties, but is still part of the overall concept GoArtist.

GoArtist aims to create a personal, low-threshold access to contemporary art, moving away from institutional exclusivity to universally accessible inclusivity. I want to open spaces for thinking and discussion and create awareness for the equality of human actions and their appreciation.

GoArtist is the result of questioning working processes in the unprecedented age of digitalization and their influence on society. The situation caused by Covid-19 has intensified the urgency of investigating the relationships between public and private space as well as between real and virtual space and has put more emphasis on the social component of the project.

The preliminary ideas for GoArtist were inspired by on-demand-services and how algorithmic determined labor processes cause precariousness among workers, hierarchical relationships and dependencies at all layers of people involved. So I wondered if there is a possibility for a good and fair alternative applying the advantages of omnipresent disposability and unrestricted access that the shift to hypertopia can bring, while opposing the exploitative methods and abandoning the colonial structures underlying these systems.
The concept questions the value and appreciation of human activity and when participating in GoArtist you will unlikely get a material outcome nor a simple entertainment, but you will share some of your precious time with another person’s precious time and create experiences together. So you don’t get a service, it is not a one-sided format, instead you become student, teacher and mediator at the same time by sharing thoughts and expanding visionary space. Trying to understand is the essence, the origin and the destination of this intervention, while interactive communication is enabling capacities for the in-between. Anything is possible and the myriad opportunities are yet unimaginable. Like the Greek Agora, GoArtist sets up a protective atmosphere, a place for engagement with our surroundings.

In the following video you can see a documentation of the GoArtist version VisitaDaChasa I did in the Lower Engadine (CH).

Here you can see some images of the first trials of implementation in Indonesia:
live stories