work in progress, since 2019 | artistic research. keywords: art experience, art-theory, art and society, gig-economy, digitalization, value of labour, algorithmic exploitation

The photo was the advertising for GoArtist in Yogyakarta (ID). Photo by Ika Nurcahyani.

As GoArtist is growing, it has its own website now! Check it out here.

GoArtist is an artistic research about how, and if at all art can take place in the frame of service-on-demand structures, e.g. as delivery service.

GoArtist fights the capitalisation and commodification of human life by algorithmic labour structures and presents a fair alternative without exploitation.

GoArtist questions the simple consumption of content and products, that´s why GoArtist does not deliver a product – we offer time and exchange of thoughts.

GoArtist is the missing link between private, public and institutional space, as it is a new possibility to experience art, that has not existed before.

The following video is a documentation of the GoArtist version VisitaDaChasa I did in the Lower Engadine (CH) in 2020.

What does AI think about GoArtist? Listen to it here: