work in progress, since 2019 | in Indonesia: mobile phones, motorbike, helmets, jackets, badges, registration desk, poster, photograph, map, business cards, stickers, instagram posts

The preliminary ideas for GoArtist were inspired by on-demand-services and how algorithmic determined labor processes cause precariousness among workers, hierarchical relationships and dependencies at all layers of people involved. So I wondered if there is a possibility for a good and fair alternative applying the advantages of omnipresent disposability and unrestricted access that the shift to hypertopia can bring, while opposing the exploitative methods and abandoning the colonial structures underlying these systems.
The concept questions the value and appreciation of human activity and when participating in GoArtist you will unlikely get a material outcome nor a simple entertainment, but you will share some of your precious time with another person’s precious time and create experiences together. So you don’t get a service, it is not a one-sided format, instead you become student, teacher and mediator at the same time by sharing thoughts and expanding visionary space. Trying to understand is the essence, the origin and the destination of this intervention, while interactive communication is enabling capacities for the in-between. Anything is possible and the myriad opportunities are yet unimaginable. Like the Greek Agora, GoArtist sets up a protective atmosphere, a virtual place for engagement beyond the reachable range of surveillance capitalists craving for our behaviour.

Here you can see some images of the first trials of implementation in Indonesia: