work in progress, since 2019 | artistic research in theory and practice
keywords: art experience, art-theory, art and society, gig-economy, digitalization, value of labour, algorithmic labour, sustainability
The photo was taken during GoArtist in Unterengadin (CH) in 2020 by Hannah Grüninger.

GoArtist took also place last year in Berlin, please find a documentation here.

GoArtist is an artistic research about how, and if at all art can take place in the frame of service-on-demand structures, e.g. as delivery service.

GoArtist fights the capitalisation and commodification of human life by algorithmic labour structures and presents a fair alternative without exploitation.

GoArtist questions the simple consumption of content and products, that´s why GoArtist does not deliver a product – we offer time and exchange of thoughts.

GoArtist is the missing link between private, public and institutional space. It is a new possibility to experience art in a resource-saving, mindful, sustainable and respectful way.

The following video is a documentation of the practice and artworks that evolved during the GoArtist version VisitaDaChasa, which I did in the Lower Engadine (CH) in 2020.

What does AI think about GoArtist? Listen to it here: