GoArtist | 2019 | mobile phones, motorbike, helmets, jackets, badges, registration desk, poster, photograph, map, business cards, stickers, instagram posts

The waiting has come to an end! Witness the world premiere of GoJeks new service GoArtist! I will come to your place and create an artwork for you.
My service includes a wide range of media and the artwork will be customized for your place and according to your personal desires. No more crowed gallery openings, no stressful art auctions, just order the artist personally! Engaging with contemporary art has never been that easy….

During my artist residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I was stunned how dependant life here is on a app called GoJek, “Southeast Asia‘s leading on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group” (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojek), which is used in daily life many times a day. You can order any kind of service via app, and within seconds a GoJek-worker will respond to you and deliver the demanded service asap, by coming to you on his motor-bike. Starting with three services in 2015, the app growed up to 20 offered services, ranging from bringing gas from a nearby petrol station to ordering a person who will come to your home and give you a massage.
GoArtist adds a new service: you can order me and I will come to your place and create an artwork for you. I named the work GoArtist and not GoArt, to put emphasis on that you don’t only order a product like food or gas, but you order a person to do sth for you. For me the borders between providing job opportunities and modern slavery are getting blurred.

Why do we order a person to come to our place when we could easily go there on our own?
Why do we need someone who serves us?
Does the act of ordering a person create a hierarchy among people?
How does it change your relationship to this person?

Most of the time the employees of delivery services do not take the money by cash directly from the customer, but via the app- so you never know how much of the money finally ends up in their pockets.
In some restaurants in Jogja you’ll find around 30 drivers waiting for the ordered food, sometimes queuing for more than an hour.

GoArtist is questioning the order-on-demand practices, working conditions, exploitation of workforce, the value and appreciation of work.

GoArtist is searching for new ways of engaging with contemporary art.
GoArtist researches on what can be called contemporary art itself.

Implementation launches on November 22, 2019