silent witnesses – secret allies (whispering the ancient knowledge)

2022 | eggshell dust, UV spray paint, Anröchter limestone, UV light | Exhibition view De Structura, Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen 2022
Cooperation with Jennifer López Ayala: „Toxic Earth – If i lose myself in you“ | 2022 | eggshell dust, UV pigment, UV light and Sophie Innmann „Selfie“ | 2017 | limestone, spray paint

Together, we explore how two individual works and positions relate when they are combined. Is the visibility of one’s own work and identity destroyed or does it gain more space?

Jennifer: „The special thing about this way of working is to open up much more intensively than usual to one’s spatial neighbour. We were assigned these two rooms with a door in the middle. That was the point where we became interested in sharing the space and making it bigger. We studied each other’s work, and together we selected these two works that we formed into a new one.
In this project, it’s a material-specific encounter and exploration of nature, the becoming and passing, the wisdom that endures. What is particularly exciting is that the main act
is a painterly one that stages itself without either of our intervention. The weighting of the spray cans with the limestone causes the pigment to spread over the room over hours and leaves behind a painterly gesture that neither destroys nor interferes with each other’s space.“

Sophie: „Our collaboration leads to the fact that you can’t separate the two works afterwards. It’s an irreversible act, a meltdown. Both individual positions are present and recognizable in their respective strength and yet merge into a holistic image. The result is an extract and at the same time a sum that is more than its parts.